Texas files suit against EPA over its recently finalized standards for ozone

Texas has become the latest state to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over its recently finalized ozone standards. With this move, the state has joined New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, Utah, and Wisconsin. These states have legally challenged the final version of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone set by the EPA since October 1, when it was released.

The rule has decreased the existing ozone emission limit by power plants and other industries to 70 parts per billion (ppb) from 75 ppb.

New Video Shows Space Junk Orbiting Earth

Every since the Soviet Union laughed Sputnik in 1957, an excess of debris has gathered in earth’s orbit and the risk from these debris has also been increasing with time. Recently, a video created by a lecturer at University College London in the UK has shown how crowded earth’s orbit has become.

As per the makers of the video, the visualization clearly depicts that the space has a littering problem. The animation is based on tracking data from Space-Track.org.


NTU Singapore develops impressive social robot ‘Nadine’

A ‘receptionist’ at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) is completely different from front desk staff kept. Her name is Nadine and is the latest social robot developed by scientists at NTU. Everything is unique about Nadine, which is almost like a human being.

She has soft skin and flowing brunette hair and would happily greet you when talking and shake hands with you. Like humans, she also her own mood and emotions. Nadine could sometimes be happy and sad, depending on the conversation.

AT&T will end two-year phone contracts starting January 8

Starting from January 8, AT&T will discontinue its two-year phone contract. Therefore, new and existing customers will be able to have new phones through two options- by either paying the full price upfront or in installments over time through its Next installment plan. You just have few days to lock yourself down for a few more years.

The decision will be applicable on all AT&T’s phone. After the above mentioned date, every phone then whether it be flip phones and non-smartphones with keyboards has to be bought with any of the two options.

Rare giant squid sighting surprises Toyama Bay residents

On this year’s Christmas Eve, residents of Toyama Bay saw something of which they have never expected a rare giant squid near a dock in the bay. For many hours, the giant squid remained around the bay and then the owner of a local diving shop guided it way back to the ocean.

The 13-feet long invertebrate was first spotted by a group of fishermen. The species was wondering around the boats in the Japanese port. In the past, Toyama Bay has been home to 16 giant squid settings, but current sighting was rare, as they prefer to dwell in the deep ocean.

Change of Guard: Jeffrey Siminoff is Twitter’s new Diversity Chief

Jeffrey Siminoff has succeeded Jeffrey Siminoff as Twitter’s Vice President of diversity and inclusion. Earlier, Siminoff, 50, was heading diversity section at Apple. Hiring of Siminoff is considered to be Twitter’s latest move is to counter the perception that though the company boasts of having an egalitarian culture, in reality it is not better than other industries and in fact, may be worse.

Welcoming the New Year! Yahoo Soon to Notify Users of Attacks by State-Sponsored Actors

With the welcoming of the New Year, Yahoo is offering its customers a completely new feature that will act as turning point for the company, but not the glory which it was in 1990s. In the sake of providing the safety and security of its customers, Yahoo will now notify is users of any unauthorized access of suspect to their user’s account that have been targeted by a state-sponsored actor. As per statement by the company, users will be notified to take necessary actions in order to protect their account on risk of being hacked.

Both Ultrasound and Mammograms identify same number of cancers in study

A latest research has come as add on to the proof that ultrasonography can be helpful in diagnosing cancer in women, having dense breasts. Data from 2,809 women from throughout the US, Canada and Argentina were examined.

All the examined women had dense breasts, and also at least one other breast cancer risk factor. According to a report published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, each woman went through 3 screenings in the time period of 3 years with mammography and ultrasonography. They found 111 breast cancers overall, and 80% were invasive.

‘UC Quits’ aims to make more smokers to quit habit by connecting them to California Smokers’ Helpline

‘UC Quits’ aims to make more smokers to quit habit by connecting them to California Smokers’ Helpline

It’s again the time to take up new resolutions and quit smoking has always remained one of the commonly taken resolution on New Year’s. Knowing that it is also hard resolution to keep, a UC Davis doctor is strengthening efforts to enroll more smokers to join a program called UC Quits. This program aims to connect patients more quickly and seamlessly to a statewide smoking-cessation program.


Martin Shkreli’s former company KaloBios files for bankruptcy protection

Martin Shkreli’s former company KaloBios files for bankruptcy protection

KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, a company briefly controlled by Turing CEO Martin Shkreli has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. San Francisco based KaloBios was heading towards bankruptcy when Shkreli and some other investors offered cash injection to the company to keep it running. However, two weeks after Shkreli was arrested for fraud by security agencies, the company filed for bankruptcy protection.



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