YouTube Accuses T-Mobile of Degrading Quality of its Videos

T-Mobile recently launched a new program that allows viewers to watch videos without using their data allotment. But now, this new program is drawing huge criticism. YouTube has recently accused it of degrading the quality of its videos and of other users.

Bellevue-based company’s new program, called Binge On, is even available to those customers who have data plans of at least 3 gigabytes.

ARCA Space Corp’s New Hoverboard offers Flying Board Experience for $20,000

ARCA Space Corporation today releases prototype of its new hoverboard, ArcaBoard, with extremely exciting features. The new hoverboard costs you exactly $19,000, which is too much for a product that has not been tested or proven. With the launch of the new Arca Space’s hoverboard prototype, the world has finally come closer to inventing a somewhat flying board.

YouTube blames T-Mobile for throttling video content

Alphabet’s YouTube has blamed telecom operator T-Mobile for throttling its videos for mobile customers. T-Mobile recently introduced Binge On service for its customers and YouTube has claimed that T-Mobile is deliberately slowing down streaming of video content on its network. T-Mobile responded to YouTube’s claims by saying that Binge On service is totally under control of customers.


Samsung launches Ultrathin, All-Metal Galaxy A9 in China

During the Galaxy A Party 2016 event, Samsung announced its most high-end Smartphone in the Galaxy A lineup, Galaxy A9, with 4,000 mAh battery in China. The largest of the Galaxy A-series family of devices has now been announced by Samsung. From past few weeks, Samsung has been revealing the specifications and physical design of the Galaxy A9. The company also showcased the recently announced Galaxy A5 (2016) and Galaxy A7 (2016) during the event along with the Galaxy A9.

Google to make debut in instant messaging with new app using AI

In addition to come up with autonomous cars, Google is also busy in developing a unique messaging that employs artificial intelligence. The chat service will allow users to have conversation with friends and family members or ask questions of the chat bot.

Artificial intelligence will lead to some of Google’s data smarts to a chat bot service in the software. In order to answer question of the users, the software would find answers from Google’s vast map of the internet.

Ford and Google Planning to Build Google’s Next-Generation Autonomous Cars

Ford and Google are planning to build a next-generation car for Google. Sources familiar with the matter has said that both the companies are even having discussion about signing a contract.

A source with knowledge of the project said that both the parties have been having talks to negotiate on a contract manufacturing deal ‘for a long time’.

Google is cooking up new mobile messaging app to hook up people and question-answering chatbots

In a move to avoid outdone by Facebook's AI-assisted M for Messenger, Google has been planning a latest mobile messaging app for engaging people and question-answering chatbots. The Wall Street Journal reported that with the new service, people will be allowed to type in a query and the search engine giant Google would determine the best-fitting chatbot for the answer.

The new app will provide a substitute to traditional search engine of Google when it comes to gathering information.

YouTube adds 360-degree animation video to its line-up, with help from makers of ‘Wallace and Gromit’

In an announcement, the search engine giant, Google, said that it has started bringing its latest interactive 360-degree videos on YouTube known as Spotlight Stories. It first mini-movie titled ‘Special Delivery’ is an animated short with holiday theme, and is created by Aardman Animations. Now, you can watch it on the web and on Android devices.

VLC Player App for Chrome Operating System Available for Download

VLC Player, one of the top used media players, has been finally launched for Chrome operating system. VLC Player development team has launched a new app for Chrome OS users and it can be downloaded free from the Chrome Web Store.VLC Player app can used for streaming media files from internet or from local computer source.

In addition to AVI, MPG and many other popular file extensions, VLC Player can be used to play MKV, FLAC and DVD ISO files as well. The VLC player app for Chrome Operating system has been ported from Android app offered by VLC.


‘Unauthorized Code’ in NetScreen Juniper Firewalls is behind Decryption of Encrypted VPN Traffic

In the era of computers and super-computers, we can expect to have hackers too. Though, the data on Internet is stored in encrypted format with full security, but sometimes there seems to have loopholes that allow hackers to steal personal data. Similar incident has been reported by Juniper Networks, in which NetScreen firewalls using ScreenOS 6.2.0r15 through 6.2.0r18 and 6.3.0r12 through 6.3.0r20 have been affected with unauthorized code that surreptitiously decrypts traffic sent through virtual private networks (VPN).


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