Netflix’s Plan to Increase its Streaming Technology

Like practically everyone else in the online video world, Netflix had been preparing its video files for streaming based on the bandwidth available to consumers since 2011. From past four years, the company has been working on its new streaming technology that could help consumers get better-looking streams while also saving up to 20% of data. If successful, the technology could result out breakthrough in North America having Netflix usage single-handedly accounts for more than a 33% of all data consumed during peak times.

Apple opens lab to create new screens for devices, including iPhones and iPads

People with knowledge of Apple’s new facility said that Apple Inc. has opened a production laboratory in northern Taiwan, where engineers have been putting in efforts to develop latest display technologies.

The people, who demanded to remain anonymous as details aren’t public, said that the Apple building in Longtan has more than 50 engineers and other workers, who have been making latest screens for devices like iPhones and iPads.


Google making your holiday travels little less stressful

The search engine giant Google is looking forward to make your holiday travels almost stress free. It has announced some tiny, but noteworthy updates for its Inbox by Gmail app that must make the process of sharing travel plans and photos easy.

Gmail Inbox Trip SharingInbox has been offering a feature known as Trip Bundles, already, which automatically brings together different emails linked to upcoming trips, such as flight booking confirmation, hotel reservation, and car rental, giving you the most significant info such as flight times at the top.

Google rolls out update for its Chromecast Audio

Google’s latest update for its Chromecast Audio includes unveiling of two new features- multiroom music and high-resolution music over Wi-Fi. With the new update, users can play the same song in every room of the house.

The Google's Chromecast Audio music-streaming device is available for $35. The update has addressed a limitation of music playback to one input per device. Chromecast Audio, which was launched in September, allows users to stream music from a wide range of apps including iOS and Android to any speaker having an audio jack.

Apple’s streaming TV negotiations failed due to push for “skinny” channel bundle

In a report released on Wednesday, tech news site Re/code’s Peter Kafka said that the streaming TV-related negotiations between Apple and content providers failed because of Apple’s insistence on a "skinny" bundle of channels --- a deal which the content providers did not agree to.


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