Apple offers $20,000 to female employees to cover costs of freezing eggs

Apple offers $20,000 to female employees to cover costs of freezing eggs

Apple has revealed in a recent statement that, with effect from January 2015, the company will offer up to $20,000 for its female employees - both full-time as well as part-time - in the US, to cover the costs of freezing eggs.

The benefit which Apple will offer to its female employees in the US will essentially finance the procedure of extracting and storing the eggs. The move announced by Apple is similar to that being offered by social network Facebook since January 2014.

Apple's cover of up to $20,000 - the same amount as is offered by Facebook - to female employees for freezing eggs is noteworthy, given the fact that a Reuters report has pointed out that the procedure of freezing eggs is quite expensive. As per the report, the cost of the initial procedure of extracting eggs is nearly $10,000; with the cost of storage being approximately $500 per month.

Moreover, both Facebook and Apple already offer some great benefits to their female employees. While Facebook gives the female workers $4,000 in "baby cash;" an amount of up to $15,000 is subsidized by Apple in fertility treatments.

Praising Apple and Facebook for the benefits they offer to their women employees, Jennifer Tye - marketing lead for fertility app Glow - said "egg freezing gives women more control;" and added: "These employers should be commended."