Huckabee urges pastors to flood Mayor Annise Parker with sermons

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee urged pastors from all around the nation to send the Holy Bible and copies of all of their sermons to Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who has issued subpoenas to five city pastors over homosexuality related issues.

The subpoenas that relate to Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) demands pastors to turn over any sermons that deal with homosexuality and gender identity issues.

Huckabee, who is an ordained Southern Baptist minister, said in a recent interview that it must make people mad that Parker believed that she could turn in her pastors.

Condemning Parker's action, the former Republican Governor said, "I would like to ask every pastor in America, not only the ones in Houston, to send her your sermons and go ahead. Obviously she could use a few. And everybody watching the show ought to send her a Bible."

The subpoenas were issued to five pastors and religious leaders who opposed the equal rights ordinance including Pastor Steve Riggle, Ms. Magda Hermida, Pastor David Welch, Pastor Hernan Castano, and Pastor Khan Huynh.

The subpoenas were issued by City Attorney David Feldman's office in September when opponents of the city's equal rights ordinance were attempting to force a repeal referendum on the ordinance. But, the subpoenas came to light recently when lawyers for the pastors filed a motion to quash the orders.