Arlington district sets parent forums to weigh in school boundary changes

Arlington school board has announced a series of parent forums to allow parents to discuss and weigh in planned elementary school boundary changes.

The changes in boundaries of the elementary school will result from two schools becoming dual-language/fine-arts elementary academies, as well as the opening of an elementary school that is currently under construction.

Recently announced parent forums will be held starting this Tuesday through October 30. The first parent forum will take place at Mary Moore Elementary at 5:30 p. m. on Tuesday. The subsequent forums will be held at Wood Elementary at 6:30 p. m. on October 27; and at Corey Elementary at 6:30 p. m. on October 30.

Moore Elementary is situated at 5500 Park Springs Drive, while Wood Elementary and Corey Elementary are located at 3300 Pimlico Drive and 5200 Kelly Elliot Road, respectively.

All elementary schools involved in the boundary changes will remain closed to transfer for a time as a matter of course. Authorities said in a statement, "We always close all those affected schools to transfer until the dust settles a bit. We make sure that families have all their kids in one school before we open them to transfer again."

Changes are being made to deal with the expected decline in overall elementary enrollment in the Corey-Wood-Moore area in the coming few years. The school district's Boundary Committee will meet after the above-mentioned forums to discuss and finalize boundary recommendations for presenting them to school trustees on November 6, 2014.