Passenger spots UFO flying over Iran

Passenger spots UFO flying over Iran

There are several people around the world who claim to see unidentified flying object (UFO), which many contain creatures from other planets. Filming a UFO from a plane is the latest incident. A passenger has filmed a UFO hovering over Iran.

In the 34-second-video footage, a mysterious circular object can be seen moving at a steady speed through heavy clouds over the country in Western Asia. The incredible footage was taken by a passenger sitting in a plane.

The video showed that a large white circular object was flying several feet below the passenger's plane. There were several clouds near the UFO, but it could not be a cloud as it was moving through the clouds from right to left direction.

According to the passenger, the shape of the UFO was like a disc and it was not looking like any plane. The object could not be mistaken for a helicopter, the passenger reported. The mysterious object was moving steadily and when it reached to the edges of the camera it became unclear before disappearing out of shot.

After watching the video, several people around the world were claiming it was an alien craft, while some called it a high tech drone that was being operated by the military of Iran.

Earlier, Iran carried out the first test flight of a drone aircraft. It had copied the drone from a US craft that the country had captured three years ago.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Brigadier General, said, "We promised that a model of RQ-170 would fly in the second half of the year, and this has happened. A film of the flight will be released soon".