Google Now updated with new voice commands that work with Android Lollipop

Google Now updated with new voice commands that work with Android Lollipop

Over the past weekend, tech major Google announced the rollout of an impressive new update for Google Now, adding some effective new voice commands which will enable users to easily change the settings through Android
5.0 'Lollipop.'

As a result of the update released for Google Now, enthusiastic users of the service will find that they can conveniently upgrade quick settings with the help of the newly added voice commands. With the help of the new Google Now voice commands, users can simply toggle through settings when they want to go to the corresponding menu.

The newly-released Google Now update has essentially integrated some nifty new voice commands - like turn on/off WiFi, flashlight, and Bluetooth - with Android Lollipop. It is expected that Google will make more Google Now voice commands - such as airplane mode, location, volume and brightness - functional with Android Lollipop.

Since Google Now voice commands for turning on/off WiFi, flashlight, and Bluetooth have already started working with Android Lollipop, users can speak out commands like "Ok Google, turn on Bluetooth", to get a voice feedback which will indicated that the voice command has been activated and the action has been carried out.

For users who make a mistake, a card and a small toggle show up, to enable them to undo the earlier action and try the voice command again.

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