Campfires attracting tourists to Maine

Experts have said that a great number of tourists are visiting the state for the amazing locations and enjoy the campfires as the weather warms.

The rural state offers great sites for outdoor activities including lakes and hiking trails. Maine coast is emerging as a leading destination for tourists in the area with a host of options for dining and sports. The state offers a host of options to the tourists as well as the residents for activities in the nature.

New tour retreats and holiday organisers are increasingly incorporating activities for the visitors including some winter woodcraft and others. The state offers short loops at the water's edge besides longer climbs across bald stone ridges form where tourists can view the peaks in the state. It not only offers stunning hiking scene but also amazing dining options in the major cities and also in rural areas and tourists locations across the state. Local experts have said that lobster, scallops, crabs, mussels and clams are among the local delicacies that the visitors to the park can enjoy.

The season is becoming warmer and the state is welcoming an increasing number of tourists after a harsh winter season.