Newly-formed Island in Pacific Ocean attracts tourists

Newly-formed Island in Pacific Ocean attracts tourists

A volcanic island, which was formed recently in the Pacific Ocean, is attracting a lot of attention. Last month, the new island started forming off the coast of Tonga and according to experts, in the beginning, a volcano was formed under the water surface of ocean and then it expanded into the island and a mile long, cone-shaped formation was created.

Three people took amazing pictures of the volcanic island after reaching the highest point on the new island. According to the Telegraph, the men who reached the island told that the surface was still hot.

GP Orbassano, among the three men, told Tonga's Matangi Online, "It was a perfect day, with fantastic views - bright blue sky and the sea was the same color as the sky. There are thousands of seabirds - all kinds, laying eggs on the island".

The island is located approximately forty miles from Tonga's capital and is nearly one-mile long. According to experts, the island would soon disappear within few months. It is basically made up of scoria, a dark colored volcanic rock, which sometimes consists of crystals.

Scientists have estimated the dimensions of the island to be approximately 1.1 miles by 0.9 miles and they also said that it goes up nearly 328ft above the sea. According to Matangi Online, Orbassano told that the climb was risky due to the extreme heat on the dark landscape. He also said that the island will remain an attraction for tourists until it disappears.

The island was first observed in an image, which was captured by the Pleiades satellite on 19 January, 2015. The region is called as Ring of Fire as there is a lot of seismic activity in the area.