Dallas Police Headquarters Attack Attributed to a ‘Snapped’ Suspect

Dallas Police Headquarters Attack Attributed to a ‘Snapped’ Suspect

A Dallas attack at the police headquarters with guns and explosives has been attributed to the man not able to cope up with his personal problems and ultimately his breakdown led to frenzied attack and he was shot dead by police snipers after a standoff.

The suspect had identified himself to the authorities as James Boulware, but his identity has not been officially confirmed yet.

David Brown, Dallas police Chief informed on Saturday that the suspect in the attack on Dallas police headquarters had a record of domestic violence and a history of custody issues but the authorities found nothing in his past to indicate he would target the police.

The suspect’s father said that James succumbed under personal pressures, after losing custody of his son and the inability to get a job, James finally snapped. However, the father added that the shooting at a police station cannot be justified in any way.

The suspect’s mother, Jeannine Hammond informed that her son was mentally ill and he had faced several charges including those of family violence in 2013.

The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday when the ‘freaked out’ James hurdled bullets on Dallas police headquarters before fleeing in an armoured car, ramming a police car and leaving behind explosives outside the HQ.

Finally, the police surrounded the suspect at a restaurant parking lot and shot him dead through the vehicle’s windscreen during the standoff.

Brown informed that the snipers had decided to shoot the suspect after he became increasingly angry and threatening during negotiations and appeared to pose a threat to those around him.