Explosives threat prompts evacuation in Fort Worth

Explosives threat prompts evacuation in Fort Worth

Fort Worth police issued evacuation orders for residents of a southwest neighborhood of the city last Saturday after someone informed authorities that there might be explosives in a home.

Police said a witness informed police in early morning hours that a man in the 5400 block of Whitman Avenue, which is located around a mile southeast of Hulen Mall, appeared to be in possession of bomb materials.

The information prompted police to force nearly 10 families to evacuate their homes as a precaution.

Assisted by a robot and the firefighters, the Ford Worth police checked the residence for suspicious materials. Then, a bomb squad in protective gear also checked the residence.

Following the search, authorities cleared the residence as safe and lifted the evacuation orders.

At around 11 a. m., police arrested a suspect, whose name wasn't disclosed. Authorities said the suspect would be taken to a hospital for evaluation if he posed a threat to himself or others.

Police officials stressed that the situation was not believed to be related to any fanatic or terrorist activity.