Water main break troubles commuters & households in southwest Houston

A break in main water line in southwest Houston kept more than a dozen crew members with the city's Public Works Department busy for several hours on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The break occurred in a 20-inch main at the intersection of Airport Boulevard and Bob White Drive in front of a Metro bus stop at Southwest Houston in the Westbury neighborhood.

City spokesperson Alvin Wright said the break collapsed the sidewalk and sent water pouring out of the ground and down the street for several blocks in all the directions in the area.

The impromptu swimming hole during the afternoon rush hour created significant trouble for the commuters.

The break not only created trouble for commuters but also for households as it created low water pressure or no water at all in some households. Authorities confirmed that at least three apartment complexes remained without water until crew members with Houston's Public Works Department managed to repair the break on Thursday.