Police removes trustee from Dallas school campus

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles allegedly used police force to physically remove a trustee from a school campus.

Trustee Bernadette Nutall said she wanted more explanation on Miles's order of reassigning of the principal of Billy Earl Dade Middle School and 12 others.

Principal Michael Jones, two of his assistants, and ten teachers were abruptly removed from the school campus and reassigned on Friday last week. Officials didn't provide specifics for such sweeping changes just weeks after the start of the school. They just said that the changes were being made to better support and serve students.

But during a meeting on Monday, Nutall insisted on more specifics about the changes. Miles allegedly refused to provide specifics and asked her to leave. When she refused to leave, he called the police.

Recalling the incident, Nutall said, "He called the police, and the police came, and they said I was trespassing. I said, 'Show me the policy and how I'm trespassing?' They said, 'the superintendent said you can't be here, so that's trespassing.'"

Nutall criticized the action, accusing the superintendent of overstepping his limits. She added that her treatment and the absence of answers only raised more questions about the changes.

Meanwhile, Dallas ISD has announced that it will answer all questions and address concerns at upcoming parent-teacher conferences.