Plucking hair in a specific pattern could help hair regrowth

Plucking hair in a specific pattern could help hair regrowth

Findings of a new study have revealed that plucking your hair is a good way to prevent baldness. The study claimed that plucking hair not only helps hair grow back, but new ones also grow nearby. The study was conducted by Cheng-Ming Chuong, Principal Investigator of USC (University of Southern California) Stem Cell. The study was based on the "quorum sensing" principle.

Through the study, the researchers determined that plucking 200 hairs in a particular density and pattern helped in generation of 1,200 hairs to grow. The study was conducted on a mouse and began a couple of years ago when Chen came from Taiwan at USC.

Chen always believed that hair injury has something to do with the adjacent environment. He thought that this environment could influence hair regeneration, so it could prove to be great way to generate extra hairs.

Quorum sensing could be understood as the way in which a system responds to stimuli, which has an effect on some of the members, not all of them.

For the study, Chen sought help from Arthur Lander of the University of California. They found that the hair follicle system responds to the removal of some hairs, even when all the follicles are not pulled out.

Cheng-Ming Chuong said the findings of the study have paved a way for treating a form of hair loss called alopecia. The study has set a good example for how findings with possible translational value can be generated with the help of basic research.

Details of the study have been published in the prestigious journal Cell. A model was developed by the authors for quorum sensing in mammalian cells.