Standing linked to lower BMI

A new study says one should stand for some time so as to stay away from a number of health problems. Researchers found that standing for some time assists in improving blood sugar and fats in the blood. It also helps lower cholesterol levels. As per the study, a walk rather than using internet during work break could also help lower body mass index (BMI).

In order to conduct the research, scientists studied 782 participants who were between the ages of 36 and 80. All of them were participating in the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study and activity monitors. As per researchers, the monitors precisely tracked the time each participant spent sitting, lying down or sleeping in addition to the time they spent standing and stepping (together with walking and running).

It has been revealed by researchers that spending two hours a day stepping was associated with an 11% lower average BMI in addition to a 7.5 cm smaller average waist circumference.

In addition to that, they found that blood sugar levels dropped by approximately 11% and average triglycerides were decreased by nearly 14% for every two hours that were spent walking in place of sitting. HDL cholesterol, which is considered as good cholesterol was 0.10 mol/L higher.

According to lead study author Dr Genevieve Healy, senior research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia, "These findings provide important preliminary evidence that strategies to increase the amount of time spent standing or walking rather than sitting may benefit the heart and metabolism of many people. Get up for your heart health and move for your waistline".