Britain’s brain training app “wizard” introduced for Schizophrenic patients

Schizophrenia is a medical condition that results in hallucinations and delusions affecting the overall well being of the affected patients. It also affects the memory and behaviour rendering them unfit for living a normal happy life. Researchers introduced an app called “wizard” for such patients that will help in improving their memory.

This app is said to have shown positive results in improving memory and learning as stated by the scientists at Cambridge University.

According to the Cantab Pal test conducted by Lead researcher Professor Barbara Sahakian, the results showed improvements in episodic memory of the affected patients who showed the different patterns in relatively fewer attempts as compared to the control group.

Professor peter Jones explained the direct and indirect effect of this motivating game on the cognitive functions of the body.

Another study published by Royal Society B on 22 patients playing this game, showed increase in the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale that rates the overall social, occupational and psychological functions.

This brain training app is easy to learn, attractive, and motivating with an added advantage of no side effects unlike drugs. It is aimed to improve the cognitive functions of an affected individual over four weeks of training period and costs around 14.99 US dollars.

There is no pharmaceutical therapy for this condition till date.