Anti-Vaccine People can Change their Opinion if given Education on Dangers caused by Viruses

Many parents oppose vaccinations for their children on different grounds. A novel research has come up with a solution stating that if experts focus on consequences that children might face if they are not vaccinated may help change parents' stance.

The research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences said that if the focus is shifted to the risks of not having the vaccines could prove beneficial. Currently, people who keep anti-vaccine views focus on perceived risks of vaccines.

"Perhaps we need to direct people's attention to the other aspect of the decision. You may be focused on the risk of getting the vaccine. But there's also the risk of not getting the vaccine. You or your child could get measles", said Zachary Horne from University of Illinois.

The researchers interviewed 315 people and asked them about their views about vaccines and their interest in vaccinating their children. After conducting the interviews, the researchers randomly divided them into three groups.

One of the three groups received material challenging the anti-vaccination point of view, second group received reading material and photos about the risks associated with measles, mumps, and rubella in children and third group read material but not related to vaccines.

In the next stage, the researchers completed one more survey about vaccination. The researchers noticed that taking attention of people to the risks posed by not getting vaccination helped change peoples' attitudes positively towards vaccination.