NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers A New ‘Star Wars-like’ Planet Kepler-453b

According to a team of astronomers, they have found a new world in a 'habitable zone' around two stars. The new exoplanet has been named Kepler-453b, and is the tenth exoplanet found by the United States space agency NASA's Kepler Mission.

The new world has been discovered in two different stars' 'habitable zone'. It is a zone where signs of life could be present. While providing details about the new discovery,Stephen Kane,member of the team of astronomers which made the discovery, said the discovery of Kepler-453b has given hints that there could be moreexoplanets hovering in the universe.

According to Kane, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at San Francisco State University, "If we had observed this planet earlier or later than we did, we would have seen nothing and assumed there was no planet there". There could be more exoplanets likeKepler-453b, but to locate them, astronomers have to look at the right time,Kane added.

Astronomers found that the radius of Kepler-453b is more than six times that of our planet and could be 60% larger than farthest planet from the Sun, Neptune. The astronomers calculated the radius of theexoplanet when it blocked
0.5% light of its host stars.

According to the astronomers, the size of the exoplanet suggested that it could be a gas giant and not a planet containing rocks. They also said that theexoplanet is situated in habitable zone, but still there are chances that life could potentially exist there.