Venomous cobra on the loose in Southern California

California animal control officials have cautioned that a venomous albino cobra, which has already bit a dog, is on the loose in a southern part of the state.

Animal control officer Alfred Aguirre from Los Angeles County said that the dangerous reptile was roaming in the community of Thousand Oaks after biting a dog in the neighborhood on Monday. The dog has fortunately recovered after the bite.

Issuing the warning, Los Angeles County officials said in a statement, "This is a venomous and very dangerous animal that the public should not approach for any reason."

While families in the area have been advised to keep close vigil on their kids and to tell them to not go close to any snakes, residents haven't been advised to depart their homes.

Three animal control workers have been assigned with the task of capturing the venomous albino cobra, which would normally venture out in the evening to hunt for food.

Officials could not determine who might own the cobra, or when and how it got released. It is illegal to possess in the Golden State without a permit.