Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital Taking Care of 30 Rescued Kemp’s ridley sea turtles

Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital Taking Care of 30 Rescued Kemp’s ridley sea t

Thirty endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles population suffering from hypothermia are getting treatment at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital. The turtles were rescued from a frigid beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Staff at the hospital is taking care of the turtles. Each cold-stunned turtle underwent a full physical examination, X-rays, a swimming test and were administered intravenous fluids and vitamin D. Bette, the hospital's manager, said that they are trying to slowly raise the body temperatures.

All efforts are being made to make them healthy so that they can be released. Zirkelbach affirmed that some turtles also have other health complications, including head trauma and pneumonia. The 30 turtles are part of 193 flown to Orlando in banana boxes by the US Coast Guard.

On Tuesday, the remaining turtles were sent to four other Florida-based marine animal rehabilitation centers. Experts affirmed that during the fall season, sea turtles migrate to warmer waters so that they can avoid cold month.

One of the main reasons for the same is sea turtles are cold-blooded creatures and they heavily rely on the environment to control their body temperatures. Sometimes situations occur when they get trapped in the coastal water near the shore and are exposed to cold conditions.

Cold stunning is a state in which hypothermia sets in as turtle gets exposed to extreme cold weathers. The animals that suffer from it develop laziness and their heart rates dip to critical levels and they face muscle fatigue.

It is important to treat the condition as otherwise it can lead to pneumonia, shock and in critical condition it can even cause death. Marine biologists affirmed that there is a hidden message with this incident, which is that endangered animals are rebounding. The animals are stranded as they could not figure out how to overcome the situation.