Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Working Towards Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Working Towards Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles

Pittsburgh zoo officials are trying their best to help the endangered sea turtle in New England, which is being affected by something really mysterious and potentially deadly.

This situation was realized when the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium examined 14 Kemp's ridley sea turtles that were a part of the New England Aquarium. The volunteers who were working on this found beached and suffering from hypothermia in turtles from the Cape Cod region.

Aquarium spokesman Tony LaCasse stated that on an average, the New England Aquarium rescues about 90 such turtles a year. But so far this season, the aquarium has taken in 600 and the workers don't know why this number has spiked.

LaCasse said, "This year has been off the charts, (and) we're only three weeks into a six- to eight-week season. We have a lot of partners up and down the East Coast, so we're able to deal with it. Everybody has really stepped up to the plate".

Officials state that Kemp's ridley turtles are the most endangered sea turtles in the world. These creatures spend summers in the Cape Cod area and migrate south to warmer Gulf Stream water when the weather turns cold. The problem arises when these creatures wait too long and eventually become disoriented. LaCasse said that in such a situation the turtles wash ashore, some dead and others near death.

Dr. Ginger Sturgeon, Director of animal care at the Pittsburgh zoo, in a statement said that all the turtles that arrive are found in conditions ranging from fair to severe. So, the ream performed blood work, a physical exam and radiographs on these turtles to determine each turtle's level of distress and the appropriate care plan.