Montana Woman gives Birth to Identical Triplets

Montana Woman gives Birth to Identical Triplets

Identical triplets are very rare with one triplet in one million births on an average. A woman from Montana had given birth to a set of identical triplet boys in December. The Montana couple, Jase and Jody Kinsey, has named the boys Ian, Milo and Kinsey. According to the couple, they already have a boy at their home.

While talking about their babies, Jase said, "When you think about when they get a little older, are they all going to play the same sports? Or are you going to go 50 million directions and be able to help all of them as much as you can".

According to reports, after delivery, Cade, who was delivered first, weighed about 3 pounds, Ian weighted 3 pounds, while Milo born third at 4 pounds. As per reports, the triplets will be released from hospital on Tuesday.

Their six year old boy will find it difficult to distinguish whose Milo, Ian and Kinsey. According to reports, there are very few triplets across the globe. The pregnancy, where a woman gives birth to a set of triplets, is referred to multiple pregnancy, which is the same medical term used where a woman gives birth to twins, quadruplets, quintuplets or so on.

A woman from Canada has held the record of giving birth to quintuplets. The woman from Ontario had given birth to girls in May 1938. Till now, the highest number of babies born at one time is seventeen, which is very rare. There is no theory which could explain about the chances of giving birth to seventeen babies at one time.

According to some researches, there are more than 350,000 babies born every day across the globe, which means that every year, more than 128,840,000 babies come into the world. As per the reports, the highest number of babies delivered by one woman in life time is 69 and the oldest woman who gave birth to a baby was 74 years old.