Study finds link between Activity of the Sun and Sea Temperatures

Study finds link between Activity of the Sun and Sea Temperatures

In a new study, researchers have suggested that there is a connection between the sun's activity and earth's sea temperatures. According to the study published in the Journal Geology, effects of sea temperatures are more significant when the planet is cooler. As per reports, this is the first time when researchers were able to observe that activity of the sun plays a vital role in affecting sea surface temperatures.

According to the researchers, they have found that the surface of the North Atlantic and solar activity have been strongly linked over the past 4,000 years. The researchers have not found any link before that time. The Last Ice Age had ended 12,000 years ago and since then the planet experienced heat in the climate, still earth showed unstable temperatures. In last about 4,000 years, the earth has experienced cooler climate, as per the study.

The researchers said that they think the climate reacts more actively to solar activity during cold times. The North Atlantic region is example of the phenomenon. Researchers were able to study the North Atlantic's surface temperatures overthe last more than 9,000 years. From last 140 years, it was possible to make direct measurement of sea temperatures, when researchers started measuring sea temperatures periodically. During that time, researchers studied marine algae found in sediments on the ocean floor. Their study allowed the researchers to determine the fluctuations in temperatures of the surface.

Marit-Solveig Seidenkranzt, professor from the Aarhus University, said that scientists knew that what sun does and it affects the climate. Seidenkranzt also explained that experts still don't know what type of impact the sun actually has in earth's changing climate. The professor said that by studying more, scientists would be able to better understand the mechanisms and the sun's impact on the planet.

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