‘Sea Lions LIVE’ show cancelled

‘Sea Lions LIVE’ show cancelled

'Sea Lions LIVE' show has been cancelled at Sea Lion Stadium in SeaWorld. The LA Times reported that the show is going to be suspended for minimum two weeks.

The show has been suspended because the trainers can join SeaWorld's rescue team with an aim to aid save the mounting number of sickly sea lion pups stranded on California beaches. This year, over 400 sea lions have already been rescued and this is twice the number it generally rescues in a full year. It has informed that these pups are frequently very weak and they suffer from emaciation and dehydration. The reason of such activity is not yet known.

Many theories have been presented by marine mammal specialists about what is causing the high number of sea lion pups in distress. One reason can be that the sea lion population could have reached the point where the food source is not enough. Another reason may be because of the warmer water is forcing the food source to retreat to colder areas.

There is a possibility that sea lion females who are nursing could have to use more energy in order to find food. Due to this, pups take care for themselves before they are ready. NOAA experts said that warm ocean temperatures in some way affecting animals like squid and sardines that are consumed by sea lions.

According to federal officials, about thousand of the marine mammals have been stranded on California beaches. It has been informed that the park workers are putting efforts to bring in as many as possible. Two pools have been made by the workers to house the sick sea lions and also for the purpose of rehabilitation.