AeroMobil planning to sell flying cars by 2017

AeroMobil planning to sell flying cars by 2017

Austin – At SXSW AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik shared an exciting flying car which could help people travel faster and avoid traffic. Vaculik provided more information about the challenges his technical team is facing in development of a practical flying car. The company aims to launch flying cars by 2017 as it has already developed third generation prototype of the flying car. At SXSW, Vaculik shared more about the light sports aircraft that can solve traffic problem and will be safe as well.

CEO Juraj Vaculik, at a presentation at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, said, “We believe that 2017 we'll be able to launch this to market.”

Slovakia-based AeroMobil’s flying car will be able to fly 700 kilometers on regular gasoline. The two seater flying car will be equipped with partial autopilot. In case of any emergency, a parachute will deploy automatically. The flying car developed by AeroMobil will stay below an altitude of three kilometers.

The company has not revealed the pricing of the flying car. The flying car is aimed at high net-worth individuals as the price would be in range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. AeroMobil is also working on a car for mass production, which will be fully automated, self driving and self flying. The flying car has received certification from Slovak authorities.

"If something like a flying Uber and flying Lyft will be on the market, I think many users will find this a very efficient way to move," Vaculik said during the presentation. Vaculik added, "There are already systems for taking off and landing automatically. These two technologies can work together."

AeroMobil is still working on the project to improve the flying capabilities and range of the car. Vaculik is confident that the model to be launched by 2017 will have a hybrid engine and could fly up to 900 miles without a need for refueling.