Regular coffee intake linked to lower liver cancer risk among people with high alcohol consumption

Regular coffee intake linked to lower liver cancer risk among people with high a

Regular coffee consumption has been associated with lower risk of liver cancer among people drinking more than safe amount of alcohol on a regular basis. The study has been released by London-based World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF). Coffee has been associated with many health as well as cognitive benefits in the past.

The WCRF team checked 34 previous studies in detail along with a team from the American Institute for Cancer Research for Continuous Update Project (CUP). The study found higher risk of liver cancer associated with more than 45 ml daily alcohol intake and among people with higher body mass index (BMI).

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of liver cancer. However, with more than three drinks per day, the risk of liver cancer increases dramatically. The research team suggested that men should limit their daily drinking to two drinks or less and women should limit it to only one drink.

Liver cancer was also found higher with consumption of foods contaminated by aflatoxins (toxins produced by fungi) leads to higher risk of liver cancer. The foods that can be impacted by aflatoxins include spices, Brazil nuts, figs, black pepper and cereals.

The research analyzed 34 studies, involving more than 8 million people. The number of liver cancer cases analyzed for the report was 24,500.

The research team could not comment on the reason behind lower risk of liver cancer with coffee consumption. With regular consumption of fish, the liver cancer was noticed lower.