Dove needs to Re-evaluate ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign

Dove needs to Re-evaluate ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign

For the last one decade, the personal care brand Dove has been promoting its 'Real Beauty' campaign. It was started by Dove by inviting women to join discussion about beauty. Now, it looks like Dove needs to reconsider its 'Real Beauty' campaign in order to discuss more than looks. According to some people, Dove needs to dive deeper into the actual meaning of beauty.

For the last ten years, the Real Beauty campaign of Dove invited females to talk about beauty. This time, the brand has taken it a little too for. Dove's Love Your Curls campaign received heartwarming response from a number of people. In that campaign, the brand tried to encourage females of all races to embrace their natural look.

For the campaign, the brand had some FBI-trained sketch artists who showed women how they really look. It was based on strangers' descriptions. It described women what other people saw was a more beautiful version of themselves that they thought. According to reports, only 2% females across the globe actually think that they are beautiful.

Such campaigns are important to encourage females across the world, but the brand has been going about it wrong. A recent campaign by Dove suggested that there was only ways to view yourself. One is 'beautiful' and the other is 'average'. As per E Online, "The company put up signs that said 'beautiful' and 'average' above the doorways of shopping centers in five cities - San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo".

According to some people, there are not just two ways to see themselves. There are countless ways that a woman can choose to describe herself and that are: intelligent, strong-willed, witty, funny, selfless, caring and considerate.

As per some people, Dove is repeatedly leaving out those numerous factors that make a woman beautiful.