Around 15% Americans still don’t use internet

A new Pew Research Center study has unveiled that there are around 15% of Americans who do not use internet. Researchers said the percentage remains the same for the past two years, which means it could be quite a tough task to get them online.

Many social services and government programs were launched to encourage people to start using the internet, but no change came in people.

The research has found that around 40% of people aged 65 and above do not come online and just 3% in their 20s are not online. Cost could be an important reason due to which this section is not online. It has been said so as around 14% of people who earned $30,000 to $50,000 were not online. Around a fifth of the participants stated that cost is the reason for which they do not come online.

Education could also be another reason as it has been found that one-thirds of Americans below high-school levels were not using the internet. It should also be noted that country's offline population has been dropping.

To cite an example, adults at least 65 years old have declined from 86% to half that figure. Now, non-high school graduates are also started using the internet. Now, internet has become a part of daily life. People now cannot imagine life without it.