Till now this Year, Alaskan Fires have Consumed 5,081,585.8 acres

Wildfires have become a concern for authorities concerned. Wildfire watchers affirmed that there have been instances where 300,000 or more new acres get burnt in a single day. Horrifying wildfires take place across the state of Alaska.

Experts said that things were quite extreme, but then weather improved and satellite analysts reduced their estimates of wildfires. But then again more recently, wildfires started to back up again.

As per data by the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center, in 2015, Alaskan wildfires have consumed 5,081,585.8 acres, which is around five-sixths of the total land consumed by wildfires across the nation in 2015.

The Alaska Division of Forestry said that the 2015 Alaskan wildfire season has even bagged the top-most position. The National Interagency Fire Center said that as per their estimates, the number of wildfires will increase in August. As on Monday, 238 wildfires were burning across Alaska.

In comparison to all, the remote northern Alaskan interior is fire-prone area. “The mid-duff layers remain very dry across most of the Interior, Copper River Basin, and inland areas of South Central. This indicates that fuels are capable of supporting large fires”, affirmed the National Interagency Fire Center.

Whenever, wildfire happens it burns up Alaska spruce forests, eats up the organic layer at their base and even at times exposes the carbon-rich permafrost beneath the base layer. These factors release carbon into the air and could increase the severity level of climate change.