Nanning Zoo’s New Inmate is Two-Headed Cobra

A two-headed snake was born on a snake farm, but was soon handed over to a zoo in Nanning city of China for better care. As per zoo officials, the rare 20 cm long snake has survived 15 days, but would require the help of specialists to live more.

The snake has two brains and one digestive system. It weighs just 50 grams, around 15 grams lighter than a normal cobra in that stage of its life. Zoo keeper Li Keqi who has been taking care of snakes since 2007 said that he has not seen such type of snake in his lifetime.

As per him, temperature and humidity during incubation could be the factors that could have led to the mutation. “One of its head wants to move to the right, while the other wants to move left. This kind of incongruity is constantly affecting the animal”, said Keqi.

A week ago, the snake has shed its skin for the first time, but it’s not eating anything. Zoo keepers said that they have been using artificial feeding to keep the animal alive, but it cannot work as a long-term method.

Now, the zoo experts have called snake experts from across the world to give their advice. As the snake has two heads with individual brains, there are chances that will attack each other and even try to swallow each other.

Polycephaly is said to be the condition of having two heads, and is commonly seen among snakes. It is said that these snakes have a short lifespan of a few months.