Diet Pepsi without aspartame popping up on store shelves

Store shelves are hosting new version of Diet Pepsi for sale. PepsiCo said that the new soda is aspartame free and will make people fall in love with it from this week onwards.

The company vowed earlier this year that it would replace aspartame from Diet Pepsi with another artificial sweetener that has less baggage.

With the launch of the aspartame-free Diet Pepsi, it would become possible to find precise answers behind what is to blame for drawing the customers away from the beverage - the sweetener or other issues?

Diet Coke, Diet Dr Pepper and Fanta Zero are other diet sodas that still have aspartame. The company said in a statement on Monday that Diet Pepsi's new recipe is making its way to store shelves.

A blend of sucralose is the replacement for aspartame in Pepsi's marquee diet soda. The change will also be seen in Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi as customers raised concerns over presence of aspartame in them.

The move is in response to dwindling sales of the diet drinks. Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi said in July the new drink would be available for sale in late August, but the new recipe is rolling out sooner than expected.

During an investor conference in February, Pepsi's North America CEO, Al Carey, said that diet drinks are a definite drag on the business. "And the number one thing we see from consumers is a complaint about aspartame. Aspartame is the sweetener that seems to get most of the negatives in the press and on YouTube", he added.