Google set to launch its Google Fiber ultra-fast Internet service in Austin

Google set to launch its Google Fiber ultra-fast Internet service in Austin, Tex

Google's ultra-fast Internet service - Google Fiber - is apparently on the verge of expansion; with the company having efforts underway to launch the service in Austin, Texas.

The imminent launch of the Google Fiber service in Austin is a few months behind the original launch scheduled announced by Google in April 2013. Google had said in a blog post at that time that the process of connecting Austin homes to the Google Fiber service will begin by mid-2014.

Revealing that Google is now set to launch Google Fiber service is Austin, a Google spokeswoman said on Wednesday that the sign-up process for the ultra-fast Internet service in the city will commence in December.

The Google spokeswoman further added that the roll out of Google Fiber will initially be focused on south and southeastern parts of Austin. The spokeswoman, however, did not divulge the cost of Google Fiber in Austin.

The launch of Google Fiber in Austin will mark the third location for the service, which offers Internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second --- approximately 100 times the average Internet speeds in the US. The two locations at which the Google Fiber service is already available include Kansas City, Mo., where the service was first launched; and Provo, Utah.