Dallas Buyers Club movie makers looking for Australian pirates

The makers of the popular Hollywood movie, Dallas Buyers Club are hunting for pirates in Australia, who illegally downloaded the movie.

The studio behind the Oscar-winning film is asking the companies to provide the identities of pirates. The second largest ISP in the country, iiNet has said that it will protect the privacy of its internet users. The studio has already filed 66 lawsuits by June and has targeted more than 1000 people who have downloaded the film in the United Sates.

The studio is asking for settlements of up to $US5000 per offence and even more than that amount in some cases. The studio is aiming to target those in Australia and is applying to the Federal Court to order internet service providers to provide identities of the alleged pirates.

Chief Regulatory Officer Steve Dalby said that his companywill oppose the move made by Dallas Buyers Club LLC.

"iiNet would never disclose customer details to a third party, such as movie studio, unless ordered to do so by a court. We take seriously both our customers privacy and our legal obligations," Dalby said.