Texas launches new website to help women find health care services

Texas launches new website to help women find health care services

Texas has announced the launch of a new website to help women navigate the state' extensive health network for women and get the health care services they need.

The new website, www. healthytexaswomen. org, was unveiled by state Sen. Jane Nelson, a Republican from Flower Mound, on Wednesday.

Nelson pointed out that the state legislature last session made a strong commitment to women's health by providing additional $113 million in funding for health care programs for women, and since then they had been working on many fronts to encourage women to sign up for various available health services.

Unveiling the new website, Nelson added, "We have multiple programs with different eligibility guidelines, it is a real challenge for women to navigate our women's health network. So today we are launching a Web portal that is going to make it easier for Texas women to connect to the services they need."

Jim Keffer, a Republican state representative from Eastland, informed that no woman who qualifies for available health services should go without them just because they're confused about where to turn and get a required service from.

The new website does not list doctors; rather it takes users to other websites relevant to options that users select. Selecting "breast & cervical cancer screening," for example takes the user to links for the Texas Women's Health Program website or the Dept. of State Health Services Family & Community Health Services Clinic Locator.