‘Höme Improvisåtion’ game allows players to simulate building IKEA furniture

‘Höme Improvisåtion’ game allows players to simulate building IKEA furniture

As part of Global Game Jam 2015, four developers created a unique new game called 'Höme Improvisåtion' (Home Improvisation), which unfolds an opportunity for the gamers to assemble IKEA furniture infinitely.

With Swedish retailer IKEA famous for its stylish, diverse, space-conscious furniture, the Höme Improvisåtion game gives the players the ability to simulate building IKEA furniture, similar to something they may have seen at the IKEA store.

The game simply gives the players the pieces which they can assemble into furniture items, without any instructions. It is entirely up to the players to put together the pieces and fit the parts together to build their IKEA creations.

To simulate building IKEA furniture, gamers have to get used to the keystrokes which they have to use to operate the Höme Improvisåtion program, so that they can properly adjust furniture pieces to finally connect them together, insert pegs, and torque in the screws.

Gamers can enjoy the 'Höme Improvisåtion' IKEA furniture assembly experience for free on Windows PC and Mac. The game - which is also available for online play - requires a mouse and keyboard for controls, though gamers can also play with an Xbox 360 controller connected to their Windows/Mac computers.