Juices and Milk are as Unhealthy as Soda

Juices and Milk are as Unhealthy as Soda

If you think that juice and milk are better alternatives of soda, you could be wrong. A new study has found that juices, packed milk and sports drinks are as unhealthy as soda. According to the study published in Public Health Nutrition on Tuesday, the drinks are unhealthy because they usually have a lot of sugar that could be harmful.

As per the study, a 20-ounce bottle of soda contains about 65 grams of sugar, while chocolate milk of Nestle can have 58 grams of sugar. Adding to that, Snapple has 46 grams, and vitamin water contains 33 grams of sugar in it.

Kelly Springer, a registered dietitian, said that it is highly suggested that people should not drink something that contains huge amount of sugar and calories. It stays on the teeth and erodes them. Adding to that, it could lead to several health problems, as per the dietitian.

According to some nutrition experts, it is parents' responsibility to care for their kids. They suggested that parents should read the back of the label to recognize exactly how much sugar is in a drink. Children's health campaigners have claimed that a tax on drinks that contain high amount of sugar could cut cases of diabetes, bowel cancer, heart disease and several other health problems. Adding to that, it can save the NHS millions every year.

In today time, energy drinks and soft drinks are the favorite source of sugar for kids. Recently, the Government's diet advisors had recommended that amounts of sugar should be halved. The idea to put sugar tax is deeply unpopular with the food and drink manufacturers. According to them, it would not affect the people's health.

Gavin Partington, director general of the British Soft Drink Association, said, "The overwhelming evidence suggests that ill-health is linked to a range of factors including lifestyle, levels of exercise and overall diet. A tax on soft drinks would adversely impact the poorest in society while doing nothing to curb obesity".