Teenagers involve in various high risk activities while driving

Teenagers involve in various high risk activities while driving

A recent study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University found that teenagers are involved in many activities while driving such as they use their cell phones to text and also do other activities at that time.

According to David Hurwitz, an assistant professor of transportation engineering in the College of Engineering at Oregon State University, recent studies show that if an activity distracts a driver for two seconds or longer, it could lead to an increased risk of an accident from four to 24 times.

According to him, "The absolute worst is texting on a cell phone, which is a whole group of distractions. With texting, you're doing something besides driving, thinking about something besides driving, and looking at the wrong thing".

The study observed that a hands-free phone is also not a very safe option. It also distracted young drivers from driving as they are not able to focus completely on driving. Hurwitz added that just attending a lecture on road safety is not sufficient; it has to be considered practically.

There is also a good finding of the study; it was found that just 40% of the teenagers told that they still texted while driving, which is less than the figures found in previous studies.