Britons baffled to see Flying ants

Many Britons have posted images of swarms of flying ants on social networking sites. People said they went to enjoy warm weather in garden, but were shocked to see so many insects.

Insects in hundreds were seen flying on Flying ant day, an informal term for the day when the queen ant comes out from the nest to start nuptial flight. On July 31, the Royal Society of Biology has launched a Flying Ant Day survey. As per the society, male insects fly alongside.

But it's not something that amuses the queen ants and they try to escape the males. Only the fastest and fittest one survives. The queens fly around and mate with many male ants and fall to ground. It drops its wings and starts to develop a new colony.

As per weather conditions, the phenomenon take place. Experts have affirmed that queen ants fly when the weather is clear as otherwise rain can disrupt the flying ants. Also, clear weather makes sure that queens and males from different colonies get a chance to meet and mate and avoid interbreeding.

The season has been going in London or the South England. Therefore, many people have been reported about the swarms of flying insects. Many people have shared on the internet have they have been seen flying ants everywhere and give them a creepy feeling.

Experts have affirmed that flying ant day can last for many days in summer. The Independent reported that there were four flying ants' days in 2014. Owing to global warming, ants days are arriving earlier and earlier in the year.