West Nile virus detected in Loveland resident

According to reports, a new case of West Nile virus in a human has come into light. Reports say one person was admitted in hospital in Loveland after falling ill from the virus. It is said to be this year's fifth human case in Colorado.

There are reports regarding death of one person in Grand Junction in addition to hospitalization of another in Pueblo. As per reports, two Fort Collins residents have also been infected by the virus. The virus was diagnosed after they donated blood.

According to Katie O'Donnell with the Larimer County Department Of Health, "Both of the blood donor infections were a symptomatic. Both of those people weren't sick so it gives us a heads up with what's going on in the county".

According to officials, for the first time this year, the West Nile virus has been found in Dodge County. The virus spreads to humans through mosquitoes that obtain the virus by feeding on birds that are infected.

The majority of people who are attacked by the virus have no symptoms or just mild symptoms of flu. As per reports, approximately one out of 150 people who are attacked by the virus are affected to a large extent. As per experts, those who have weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable.

It is recommended to use insect repellant, remove standing water where mosquitoes breed, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants and be careful when going outsides at dawn or dusk as mosquitoes are most active during this time.