UM Museum of Art to remain in Bangor through 2031

UM Museum of Art to remain in Bangor through 2031

The University of Maine's Museum of Art will remain in Bangor for nearly another two decades, thanks to a recent renewal of its lease.

The museum, located in the Norumbega Hall building on the Harlow Street in downtown Bangor, said in a statement that it lease had been renewed for 17 years, allowing it to remain in the same building in Bangor through 2031.

The University of Maine's System Board of Trustees gave its approval for the new long-term lease for the museum from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2031. In addition to extension of the lease, the board also approved proposal for expansion of the museum on the third floor of the building. The expanded space will be dedicated to fine arts.

The Bangor City Council had also expressed its interest in continuing to have the museum in downtown Bangor. In a letter to the board, it described the museum as a "cornerstone of the arts" for several years to come.

In the letter, the council wrote, "The museum is now one of our primary cultural assets and an important aspect of the quality of life for Bangor citizens and those of the surrounding communities."

The council stressed that the Museum of Art's location in downtown Bangor had strengthen the bond between the university and the city of Bangor.

The UM Museum of Art is currently displaying three exhibits, viz. "Looking Back Six Years - Part Two, Selected New Acquisitions," "Young Curators: 8 Scoops," and "Awake: Paintings by Maya Brodsky." The exhibits are scheduled to open through September 20, 2014.