Election campaigns come to an end

Election campaigns come to an end

Texas Attorney General & gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott (R) and his opponent state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) made final verbal attacks on each other on Monday as campaigning for November 4 election ended. Campaigning in Houston, Abbott attacked Davis for her support for U. S. President Barack Obama's policies, while Davis in San Antonio criticized Abbott's conservative record.

Abbott seized on President's Obama's Monday conference call with Davis and other Democratic leaders in an attempt to provide a boost to turnout on Tuesday.

Amid predictions of a cent per cent chance of rain on the Election Day, Abbott said even a storm should not stop his supporters.

Abbott cautioned, "If Harris County doesn't respond, if Harris County stays home, if when it starts raining tomorrow, you think, 'Gosh, Republicans have it in the bag,' you will be very surprised tomorrow night."

Between her campaign stops in Austin and Houston, Davis paid a visit to West Side field office in San Antonio, where volunteers prepared for election-day duty.

As the political crossfire has ended and Election Day has finally arrived, it is now in the hands of voters to decide which candidate would lead Texas for the next four years.