Fugitive Kills Police Officer while Trying to Evade Arrest

Fugitive Kills Police Officer while Trying to Evade Arrest

Police said a fugitive was trying to avoid an arrest warrant and while doing so, he shot a Tampa-area police officer and then ran over him. In the incident, the police officer was killed.

The incident took place on Sunday in which Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., 23, ran his car over Tarpon Springs officer Charles Kondek and then hit his car into pole and then rammed into another car. He was arrested on first-degree murder charges.

As per police officials, Kondek responded to a noise call at around 2 am at an apartment complex. When he reached there, Parilla was looking out for a neighbor who 'dimmed him out' to police. When Parilla encountered Kondek then he fired many times at the officer.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that they are quite sure that they have taken right person into their custody. The person has killed a police officer and is aware of what he has done and, therefore, he should be held accountable for that.

As per the Florida Department of Corrections, Parilla has remained imprisoned for many offenses for more than two years, including drug charges, but was released in March. Police officers listed him as a fugitive for defying his probation. For now, it is not what exactly the violation was.

Parilla has told the investigators that when he saw the officer, he felt that he is like a caged cat and did not want to return to jail. While being taken to jail, Parilla said he apologizes to the family of the officer and also wants to say that killing him was not his intention.

Kondek, 45, was working with the local force for 17 years. Earlier, he has served in the New York City Police Department for more than five years.