Woman Shot outside her House on Thursday Dies

A woman who was shot outside her house on Thursday has died. According to the family members, the woman who was a nurse died at 7:05 p.m.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Tammy Meyers was shot after she confronted many people in another vehicle when she was going her home from giving her daughter a driving lesson at a nearby school. The other vehicle was following her and when she came out of her car, she was shot.

The woman’s 15-year-old daughter did not see the incident because before the shooting, she ran towards the house. Police notified that one of her brothers came out and started firing at the other vehicle. According to the police description, one of the people who were part of the shooting was a white male of around six feet tall, around 25 years of age and weighed 180 pounds. He has dirty blonde color and was also wearing a spiked style.

The vehicle that was used in the shooting was described as a four-door gray or silver sedan that possibly got damaged from the front driver’s side and may also be hit by gunfire.

“She had to lose her life for what? I don’t understand it and nobody’s answered that question. I don’t feel safe, every time you turn around somebody’s getting shot”, said Tammy Meyers’ husband Robert Meyers.

According to Robert Meyers, she was a good woman and was a mother of four. The woman does not deserve this kind of incident because she always helped people. GoFundMe page has been created by family members in order to raise money for hospital and funeral expenses. According to the page, death of the woman was painful.