NASA announces ISS astronauts will use Smart Glasses

NASA announces ISS astronauts will use Smart Glasses

An announcement has been made by NASA that International Space Station (ISS) astronauts will be making use of Smart Glasses in future in their space missions. And to do this, NASA has contracted with Osterhout Design Group (ODG) with the intention of designing the Smart glasses which would be used by the astronauts in space in addition to on earth.

The Smart Glasses would be employed for training on earth and in space. Astronauts will use the Smart Glasses to serve as hands-free tool in order to keep all the important information available. Smart Glasses will allow astronomers to perform their missions with more efficiency.

At present, astronauts depend on printed instructions so as to get guidance during fixing equipment in space. It is expected that the glasses will help get information and directions, which would be uploaded directly to the glasses. And then astronauts will not have to work hard to search for information during emergency.

NASA Johnson Space Center Engineering Director Lauri Hansen said that tools that can help achieve evolving demands are needed due to electronic directions and instructions replace paper checklists and longer duration missions.

According to NASA and ODG, in the beginning the smart glasses will be tested for assisted reality applications by which users will be able to focus on their work. And this could help improve the efficiency of in-flight activities and will also help make tasks easy.

“ODG's technology provides an opportunity to increase space mission efficiencies and we are pleased to explore its potential in human spaceflight while also advancing its use here on earth”, he added.