Amazon Prime comes to Dallas with one-hour delivery

Amazon Prime comes to Dallas with one-hour delivery

Amazon Prime has been officially launched in Dallas with e-commerce giant offering one-hour delivery of products in many localities. Dallas is also the biggest city covered under Amazon Prime program. Amazon Prime offers free delivery for two hours while charges $7.99 under one-hour delivery option.

After starting with New York in December 2014, Amazon Prime was launched in Miami and Baltimore last week. The company could shakeup local businesses with its fast delivery option as consumers get good delivered within hours and enjoy the discount as well. With Amazon delivering daily essentials, local businesses are worries about losing clients to the ecommerce giant. Amazon will be delivering under Amazon Prime in select zip codes in Dallas and will add more regions over the next few weeks.

Dallas is the fourth city to be added to Amazon Prime quick delivery list. Amazon Prime will be available from 8 am till 10 pm, seven days a week. Amazon had setup its fulfillment center in Dallas in 2013. It will be easier for the company to deliver items in Dallas under Prime Now fast delivery.

Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations Dave Clark said, “We know Dallas members are going to love the convenience of one-hour delivery through Prime Now. Our existing operations in Dallas-area that utilize advanced technology to fulfill customer orders are now home to a Prime Now hub that is fueling this super-fast delivery.”

Amazon also offers Amazon Prime app for subscribers of Prime program.

Amazon announced last quarter that the Prime members increased. However, market experts said that most of the new additions to membership were under trial period, which may not end up in paid subscriptions. Amazon has not shared any data regarding the impact of Prime Now on its business. In the upcoming quarterly results, we can expect the company to share data regarding its faster delivery option in New York.