Researchers figure out how octopuses remain tangle-free

Researchers figure out how octopuses remain tangle-free

A team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have finally figured out how octopuses remain tangle-free even with their eight long tentacles that move randomly in confusing directions.

After studying several octopuses, the researchers determined that these marine creatures have unique locomotion strategies and soft molluscan body.

Along with two of his colleagues, Researcher Binyamin Hochner focused on the coordination and locomotion of the marine creature’s limbs. They attributed the strange and agile movements of octopuses’ limbs to the creature’s amazing evolutionary history.

Sharing the findings of the research, Hochner said, “Octopuses use unique locomotion strategies that are different from those found in other animals. This is most likely due to their soft molluscan body that led to the evolution of ‘strange’ morphology, enabling efficient locomotion control without a rigid skeleton.”

Octopuses once had ancestors that were as rigid as well as immobile as clams. It is quite shocking because octopuses are known to be very agile and active marine creatures that keep moving in different directions.

Now, the researchers are looking forward to find out the secret behind the neural circuits that are used by octopuses to coordinate all limbs for moving from one place to another.