Operation Green Rights claims Responsibility for Two Cyber Attacks

Operation Green Rights claims Responsibility for Two Cyber Attacks

On Monday, the office of Hawaii Governor David Ige stated that a cyber attack temporarily hampered the Hawaii state government's website.

A blog site called Operation Green Rights, which claims to be affiliated with the hacker group Anonymous has come out taking the responsibility for actually two cyber attacks, which they targeted at the State of Hawai‘i’s portal site and Thirty Meter Telescope website. On April 26, the claims were made on the group’s twitter feed at around 9.30 am.

In the status, the group has also shared screenshots of the state and TMT websites being inaccessible. According to Jodi Leong, press secretary for Gov. David Ige, affirmed that the website was attacked on Sunday morning at around 9am and access was disrupted until around 2pm.

However, later the site was restored with the help of a back-up server and by 4.40pm, it was fully functional. Leong assured that no data has been compromised and no services were at risk owing to the attack.

The second attack was on the website of Thirty Meter Telescope. It is the organization that is constructing the telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii's Big Island. The disruption continued till Monday.

On Monday, Thirty Meter Telescope spokeswoman Sandra Dawson was of the view that disruption is going since it was first discovered Sunday afternoon. “They keep directing attempts to get into our website such that it overwhelms the website”, said Dawson, who also assured that no breaches have been made of the company’s secured files.

Dawson said it seems that people behind the attack are not from Hawaii and have no connection to the state. Dawson affirmed that they do not know why they have done this.