Maryland boy becomes youngest to receive double hand transplant

According to reports, a Maryland boy has become the youngest patient who got a double hand transplant. The boy had lost his both hands because of an infection when he was a tot. It has been reported by surgeons at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia that a surgery was done on Zion Harvey for about 11 hours.

Zion came to news conference of the hospital and his forearms were bandaged, however his hands were visible. He also showed his grip that is still weak and explained how he wakes up with new hands and said that it was "weird at first, but then good".

According to Dr. L. Scott Levin, who heads the hand transplant program, "He woke up smiling. There hasn't been one whimper, one tear, one complaint".

Zion, who belongs to Owings Mills, Md., located outside Baltimore, got sepsi when he was 2. As a result of it, he suffered multiple organ failure that led to the amputation of his feet and hands. He needed a kidney transplant by the age of 4 and received the organ from his mother.

Zion has been enabled by leg prosthetics to become active and he will now be able to walk, run and jump. The boy also learned to use his forearms to eat, write and play video games and is also attending school. Now, physicians are expecting that he'll become capable of achieving more milestones, together with his aims of playing on the monkey bars and throwing a football.