US Coastal Cities face Increased Risk of Flooding in Next Few Decades

A new study carried out by the University of South Florida has raised an alarm that some of the big US cities situated along the coastal line are at risk to face flooding in the coming years. Triple heat associated with climate change is said to be the reason, said the researchers.

Researcher Steven Mayers and his team said that triple phenomena--high rainfall, storm-surge and rise in the sea level--have been taking place. And, these phenomena will put the majority US coastal cities at high risk of compound flooding.

Houston, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston are the place at high risk. Researcher Thomas Wahl said that combination of events could lead to larger damages than single events.

When heavy precipitation takes place with storm surge then the risk of flooding in low-lying coastal area is quite high in the US. It has become necessary to understand more about compound flooding, so that authorities concerned could remain prepared for any adverse situation.

As per estimations, around 40% of the US population resides in coastal areas. Flooding events taken place in these places have already proved quite disastrous. The researchers have gone through historical records of rainfall, tide gauge readings and hurricane tracks that date back to 1900. Data of 30 port cities around the continental US was assessed.